Unexpected Season 5

Unexpected Season 5 Release Date, Cast and More

Unexpected TV series display the reality of teenage pregnancy and related issues. The drama has kept the audience engaged for quite a long time due to the reality it showcases. In addition, the emotional imbalances people face while getting pregnant as teenagers are shown in the series.

Diana Giggans-Hill produces the series. For the four seasons, many young couples and their parents have made their stories to reach the audience about how an unplanned pregnancy changed their lives forever. 

Although the TV show covers the sensitive topic of teenage pregnancy, it doesn’t show the issues one faces in raising a child at a tender age.

Unexpected Season 5 Release Date

Unexpected Season 5 release date is set for March 6, 2022. The show would be aired on TLC. The teen pregnancy show has been in the limelight since its first season got released in 2017. The fifth season has six episodes focusing on different issues the couples face and their families.

Unexpected Season 5

Unexpected Cast

Unexpected Season 5 is all about the journey of teenagers who will be parents soon or are preparing for the arrival of another child in the family. Season 5 would have both the faces already seen by the audience and some new ones.

The people featured in Unexpected Season 5 are:

  • Tyra Boisseau
  • Lilly Bennett 
  • Jenna Ronan
  • Tiarra Boisseau
  • Tayler Williams 

Some newly added faces are:

  • Emerson Porter
  • Kylen Smith

Unexpected Season 5 Trailer

The official trailer of season 5 has been released on YouTube under the official channel of TLC. The trailer starts with a mother telling a guy, probably her daughter’s boyfriend, that she would have gone and bought him some condoms so that her daughter would not have been pregnant. 

This is followed by some teenage girls, along with their partners or parents introducing themselves. Many of the girls who are pregnant for the second time have their first children getting excited for their sibling to come.

The following scenes show doctors examining the mothers and the couples having a parent talk. After watching the trailer, it has been confirmed that the show is filled with specific issues between the couples.

While approaching the end, the trailer shows how the parents of the teens react to the pregnancies. Again, both positive and negative reactions are there. Finally, the trailer ends with the title of the series and the platform on which it will be shown.

Unexpected Season 5 Storyline

The series focuses on how some teenage girls get pregnant in an unplanned way and its impact on their lives. The series further shows how their partners react and whether they are supportive or not.

The views of the parents are also taken into account. Many parents take it normally while certain parents criticize their children for being sexually active at a young age. The series also shows the betrayal faced by certain mothers by their partners.

Also, the couples are seen planning for the baby’s arrival and having a parental conversation. Certain guys are excited to know about their partners’ changes during pregnancy.

Unexpected Season 5 Renewal Status

The series has been renewed for the fifth season and is being shown on TLC. As for the upcoming seasons, there is no official statement from the cast and crew of the series or the production house. 

Unexpected may have another season if the show gets a specific audience and a positive response from the critics.

The Conclusion 

Teenage pregnancy is taboo in certain cultures, and the show has highlighted the topic. Many mothers face infidelity from their partners, which breaks them, but they remain strong for the sake of their child.

The audience somehow or another connects with the people in the TV series, which is what keeps them engaged with the show. The showrunners have powered themselves to find and showcase the stories of the people going through teenage pregnancies and related problems.

The creators are hoping that the season meets the audience’s expectations. The viewers are also looking forward to watching the series to know more about the problems one has to overcome while experiencing teenage pregnancy.


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